A new standard of care

Legal, evidence-based psychedelic treatments

Our focus

Empowering healing

We are developing the infrastructure required for a regulated psychedelics industry.

Clinical care

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy & other innovative therapies

Retreat network

Legal, medically supervised psychedelic experiences


Clinical research for psychedelic medicines

Our network

Global access to psychedelic medicines

  • Novamind is growing a network of specialized psychedelic clinics and retreats

  • Treatment is provided by blending evidence-based principles with psychedelic medicines

  • We guide individuals through their entire healing journey, both at home and abroad

  • Our approach

    The infrastructure of tomorrow is being built today

    Novamind exclusively operates in jurisdictions with established regulations for the use of psychedelics.

    We are empowering the people, technology and research that will allow society to safely access psychedelic treatments in guided settings.

    Since 2019, Novamind has invested in and acquired world-class psychedelics clinics, retreats and clinical research organizations.

    Our healthcare divisions

    Our retreat partners

    Our retreat partners

    Our values

    Balancing purpose and profit

    Novamind is committed to a values-oriented approach to business. We will use our platform as a force for good, acknowledging and supporting the interests of our stakeholders.


    Increase access to treatment for marginalized groups


    Develop and study novel mental health treatment modalities


    Responsible management of psychedelics in healthcare


    Collaborate with non-profits, academic and indigenous groups